Top 10 Pros and Cons of Living in Indian Wells, California

Indian Wells is located in Riverside County, in the Coachella Valley of Southern California. It is nestled between Palm Desert and La Quinta, approximately 15 miles east of Palm Springs.

Indian Wells is a resort community. It’s a place where the weather is warm, there’s lots of sunshine and lots of outdoor activities.

This beautiful city has a lot to offer. However, there are some cons too. Let’s get those out of the way first.




You need a car to get around the city. The public transportation system includes bus, taxi, Uber, and Lyft; you can’t easily walk to and from your home from most places. A car is a must to travel from one part of Indian Wells to another.

Economic Diversity

The primary industry of Indian Wells is tourism and hospitality, with agriculture being a close second. There is little in the way of manufacturing or technology jobs, however. The area is becoming known as a great place to work remotely, which will continue to grow.

Summer Temperatures

Indian Wells gets hot in the summer. The temperatures are great most of the year, but starting in June, the average temperature doesn’t drop below 100 degrees until October. Most people do their outside activities in the morning before the temperatures get too hot.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Indian Wells is higher than the national average, as are some other expenses, including housing. The median home sales price in Indian Wells proper as of July 2023 is $1,175,000. Transportation costs are higher as well. The one highlight in the cost of living index is health care expenses. 

Sun’s Intensity

While Indian Wells enjoys about 350 days a year of sunshine, the sun takes its toll on things like outdoor furniture, flowers, and paint on your home. Of course, you need to wear sunscreen, and you need to stay hydrated the whole time.

Now that the cons are out of the way let’s look at the pros.




Indian Wells is widely known as the tennis paradise. This oasis in the desert is home to the BNP Paribas Open, the world’s largest combined men’s and women’s professional tennis tournament. Indian Wells is also the perfect destination for people who love to participate in golf and tennis. 


I know it gets hot in the summer, but the weather is fantastic most of the year. It’s paradise. It makes outdoor living and activities possible, including golfing, swimming, tennis, biking, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits. 


Indian Wells has a reputation for being family-friendly. You’ll find people from many different ethnic backgrounds here, and they are generally happy because of the resort-style atmosphere. If you don’t feel like you fit in where you currently live, you might enjoy settling down here. 

Casual Atmosphere

Indian Wells provides a casual atmosphere that many people enjoy. Most of the time, it’s a dry heat, and the weather stays consistently warm, so the regular dress code here is usually casual.


There’s always something to do in Indian Wells. You can access golf, tennis, casinos, hiking trails, and rock climbing nearby in Palm Springs and Palm Desert. And, of course, you can always visit the Living Desert Zoo, the Palm Springs Arial Tramway, the Palm Springs Art Museum, and the Palm Springs Air Museum. The list goes on and on. 


Coachella Valley has some of the best healthcare options in California, with three hospitals and some of the best medical facilities available for adults who enjoy an active lifestyle. The average healthcare cost in Indian Wells is about 13% less expensive than the US average and about 8% less than the California average. 

You will find pros and cons in every living destination. The active lifestyle of Indian Wells, combined with the relatively low cost of living, makes it an excellent place to consider living. 

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