Relationships, Referrals, And Trust: What To Expect After Closing Your Home

Excellent customer service doesn’t end after closing your home. If I’ve had the pleasure of helping you find your dream home here in the desert, chances are you discovered me through a referral or from online sources. There’s a reason for that. Transactions don’t drive my business; it’s centered around people and, more importantly, relationships. 

In my years in the desert, I have gained valuable experience and insight about getting your home ready for the high season. Whether you’re trying to sell or simply returning to the desert to enjoy Paradise, I’ve got several helpful tips to help you get your home ready. 

To me, the clients I work with are not just names on a contract; they’re individuals like Isaac and Justin, who escaped years of Pacific Northwest drizzle for the Desert Sun, or Kelly and Jamie, who embrace breathtaking desert views while working remotely, and Bill and Dan, who seek the vibrant Palm Springs lifestyle away from the monotony of their previous life in the big city. 

When you work with me, you gain access to my extensive network of professionals throughout the entire Coachella Valley.

Why is that important? If there’s a problem in or around your home that you need a referral for, I most likely have somebody who can help. 

  • Need assistance or business finance or a loan? Shaun or Ray are ready to lend a hand.
  • Looking for someone trustworthy to safeguard your home? Lewis is your go-to person.
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From clogged drains to home renovations, dental care to transcendental meditation, I know the people to recommend.

I am always ready to help you out of a pickle. Think of me as your reliable source for referrals to all types of businesses, whether they’re real estate-related or not. This is especially valuable for those new to the desert, but even if you’ve been here for years, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a proven and highly recommended service provider.

I spend a lot of time networking and connecting with professionals across the Valley from many different business categories. You only know if I can refer someone if you ask me. It’s an added value I offer whether or not you’re a client. 

I have connections with:

  • Lenders
  • Legal Professionals
  • Inspectors
  • Financial Planners 
  • Doctors
  • Handymen
  • Roofers
  • Painters 
  • HVAC Specialists 
  • Solar and Storage Professionals 
  • House Cleaners 
  • Pool Services 
  • Landscapers 
  • Window Cleaners
  • …and so much more.

Many Realtors focus on transactions and treat clients as numbers in a never-ending churn and burn cycle. That is not how I roll. I want more from my life and my career. I believe you deserve more than just being another client. I want to get to know you personally because that is how we find the best home at the best price tailored to your unique needs and desires.

As a referral-based Realtor®, I take the time to connect with you and earn your trust so that I can earn your future recommendations. I work to understand your expectations, and then I work harder to surpass them. Together, we’ll create an experience that will leave you excited to share with your friends and family. 

Working by referral is about trust, and I dedicate myself to earning your trust, even after closing your home. I achieve this through open communication, listening, unwavering commitment to your goals, and, more importantly, reliability.  Do professionals who don’t follow through with communications or actions drive you bonkers? It does me, too!

I will inform you about every stage of the process and support you through each step, even after the keys are in your hands. Your satisfaction is my ultimate goal. It’s crucial that you know how much I appreciate you whether you’re buying, selling, seeking a business property, or simply looking to escape and enjoy life.

I’m here to help you make your dreams a reality and help you even after closing your home. I’ll keep you updated through my monthly blogs, newsletters, and fun mailings. I also share real estate news that you can use, lifestyle insights, and my intimate knowledge of the unique activities and communities of the desert. 

No more same old, same old like other Realtors. Who else will teach you to make fizzy bath bombs or send you a recipe for bow tie cookies? Me!

If you have a friend, coworker, or family ready to join you here in Paradise, I’d love to provide them with the outstanding service I described. Click here to schedule a call; I promise no cost or obligation.

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