Finding Serenity in Busy Times

Exhausted? Frazzled? Burnt out? The end of the year is a busy non-stop time, but sometimes you have to swap that go-go-go for a little whoa-whoa-whoa and pause a moment so you can find some peace in the center of your life’s whirlwind.

Face it, the amount of energy you have on hand is limited. Trying to do it all – all the time – can really ramp up the ol’ anxiety and sap the enjoyment out of life.  So, stop trying to be perfect and just be perfectly YOU. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. That’s a great place to start to calm yourself and inch towards a feeling of peace. Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

Of all people, I certainly appreciate the value of thorough work and rabid attention to the smallest details. That’s what I bring to every real estate transaction I’m involved in, whether it’s buying, selling, or providing an A-1 referral for you. I also appreciate the value of scheduled breaks to make sure I pause and refresh myself by walking the dogs, enjoying some music, or connecting with nature. A little rest returns dividends when it comes to having more energy to do the things you want to achieve for the day,

To keep your physical energy fully charged, avoid the sugar highs that lead to energy crashes.  Fuel your body with a healthy balance of foods, put down your cell phone, and go to bed at a reasonable hour.   Be sure to spend some time every day doing physical activities to boost your cardio and strength.

If your exhaustion is more mental, give your brain a break by cutting down on multitasking. Relax your noggin by focusing on one thing at a time. Fill in your social needs by calling a friend. Talking to a friend doesn’t just give you a little break; someone who knows you well can help to set your focus on the bigger picture and add more meaning to the whys of what you’re doing.

All of these practices inch you closer and closer to finding a place of serenity in the midst of your busyness. The next step to a pervading sense of peace takes some mindfulness. Pay attention to your thoughts and nab those energy-sapping negative thoughts before they get out of the gate. Replace them with thoughts of gratitude. As for stress, whenever you feel the tension creep into your body, recognize it as stress and use a minute or two to breathe into your tight muscles and let the tension relax.

You can combine breathing to relax your muscles and mind with a two-minute little mini-vacation. With your eyes closed, think about one of your favorite places or a positive experience. Get as real and detailed as you can in your recollection. What did the weather feel like? What scents do you recall? Allow yourself to soak in the positive feelings of the memory, whether it’s of a trip to Cabo San Lucas from childhood or a compliment you received five minutes ago.

Serenity is all about being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.   It’s not about running away to some ideal situation to find it. You’re not looking to head off to a silent retreat for a week to find serenity. You don’t have to wait until you can arrange your schedule for an escape to a Tibetan mountaintop for six months of quiet reflection. Nope. You’re looking to add an inner peacefulness to your own fabulous and chaotic life in this crazy, mixed-up, wonderful world of ours. And if that fabulous and chaotic life of yours includes the need for a serene and talented realtor, I’m the realtor for you. I am Stephen Burchard, The Desert Bowtie Realtor, taking the (k)nots out of real estate.

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