Are There Updates or Repairs You SHOULDN’T Make To Sell Your Home Now?

Are you planning to sell your home now? There are a few things you should do, and some are not worth your time and money.

It is essential to make a plan with your Realtor® before you start making changes to your home. A real estate professional can help you understand which updates will give you a better return on your investment. 

Updates worth making include painting your home in light and neutral colors to make spaces feel larger and fresher. Fix broken items like dripping faucets, slow drains, locks, light fixtures, and sticking doors. These repairs are all worth your time because the home inspection will likely point out these issues. The buyer may ask you to make those repairs. When more minor problems don’t appear on the inspection report, the buyer feels that the sellers took amazing care of their home and didn’t defer maintenance. 

Now, let’s look at what updates you shouldn’t make to sell your home.


Home appliances. Household kitchen technics isolated on white background. Fridge, dishwasher, gas cooker, microwave oven, washing machine vacuum cleaner air conditioneer and iron. 3d illustration
  • You do not need to upgrade appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers unless they are in poor working condition or outdated. Buyers mainly focus on the kitchen or laundry room layout rather than the appliances.


Brick paver driveway leading to a garage
  • As long as the driveway is in good condition and free from significant cracks or potholes, there is probably no need to repair or replace it. Buyers are more interested in the overall condition and location of a home than the specific features of a driveway

Major Room Remodels

High angle shot of building plans and equipment on a table in an empty living room during the day.
  • Renovations of kitchens or bathrooms are typically not recommended when you are ready to sell your home. They are too pricey and involve expensive and customized choices. As we also know, remodels are never completed on time. Focus on things that will attract the potential buyer, like painting, new countertops, backsplash, or painting cabinets. Spruce it up instead of remodeling the entire space. You’ll be surprised by the difference it will make. 

In my home, we have 20-year-old kitchen cabinets that I like. The tile counter and lack of backsplash drove me crazy, though. We recently replaced the counters with quartz and added a mosaic glass tile backsplash and a new stovetop, hood, sink, and faucet. We updated our bathrooms with new counters, raised basins, and fixtures. These rooms are even more gorgeous now, and they feel entirely remodeled. We truly fell in love with them all over again for less than $20,000 in 30 days of work.

Home Technology

Woman holding digital tablet with running smart home application, controlling kitchen devices remotely. close-up on device screen
  • Smart home technology is unnecessary in attracting buyers unless the home has major outdated technology. Currently, most smart homes utilize Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Wiring is no longer necessary, so you don’t need to worry about the tech.


Design, architecture and exterior concept - Large spacious window on the white facade.
  •  If your home’s windows are in good condition, there’s likely no need to update them. 


Abstract of Beautiful Kitchen Granite Counter Place Settings and Chairs.
  • Cosmetic details like light fixtures or sink faucets are not necessary to update when you sell your home. Buyers will most likely update these when they purchase the home. However, if you need to replace these items, an economical mini-update can make a difference in how your home shows.

If it is within your budget, some updates are worth your time and money, while others are not. It’s all about how the home shows. I recommend focusing on making the house uncluttered, clean, bright, and inviting. 

Your real estate agent can help you determine which updates will give you the most return on your investment based on the buyer preferences they see in the market. Following these tips can save you time and money when preparing your home.

If you need more information, guidance, or assistance in preparing your home to sell, contact me, Stephen Burchard, The Desert Bowtie Realtor®, taking the (k)nots out of real estate.