Appreciation and Acknowledgement: Best Gift Ever!

When you think of others, something magical happens for both you and them.

As we approach the sunset of our year 2022, we know we are approaching the time when we are encouraged to think of others through gatherings and gift giving.

Well, I have another type of gift giving that is very light on our budgets and leaves those good feelings inside us. What am I talking about? The simple act of acknowledgment and honest appreciation.

You are not simply saying thanks or attaboy/girl, but you are actually looking them in the eye and expressing WHAT it is you wish to acknowledge them for and WHY you wish to acknowledge them. The same goes for appreciation; what you appreciate and why.

Appreciation and acknowledgment are simple ways to think of others that can create a big impact. It touches all aspects of life, whether work or personally related. And don’t be surprised when the appreciation you extend to others positively impacts you too.

There are some important reasons why appreciation and acknowledgment are essential, some obvious and some not. It leaves the receiver feeling good about themselves, and we also benefit from this action. You will boost morale at work, foster cooperation at home, bring people closer together, and let’s not forget those feel-good hormones, dopamine, and oxytocin, that will flood each other’s bodies.

Appreciating and acknowledging someone sends the message to them that:

        1. They are valued.
        2. They are seen.
        3. They are liked.
        4. They have meaning.
        5. They are connected.

And isn’t that what we all want? We want to be loved and crave validation.

Your appreciation needs to be sincere. You won’t be perceived as sincere when your thank yous feel like they are on auto-pilot. It is nice to be kind, but you must watch for the moments worthy of an expression of acknowledgment or appreciation. Make it personal.

Another way we think of others during the celebrations around this time is to focus on our ancestors and beloved friends who’ve crossed over to whatever’s next. We honor them, we remember them, we give offerings to them, but more importantly, we tell stories about them.

This act is the juice of immortality because we live on in the memories of others. Isn’t it wonderful that there’s a time of year to celebrate our ancestors? I think it’s groovy!

So, this isn’t about dressing up in costumes and going to masquerade parties to share treats and drinks. This is about remembrance.

Speaking of ancestors – Fun Fact: More people with October birthdays live to be 100. I don’t know where I heard this, but I did…I know how good appreciation feels when my clients express their gratitude for helping them buy or sell a home. I like to let my clients know how much I appreciate working with them too. A referral from my friends and clients is the best compliment I can receive!

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