Spice Up Your Life With Great Relationships

Relationships are the spice of life! Without others, in my opinion, there is little joy in life. 

Why? Because as humans we crave community and companionship. We need others to share our triumphs and tribulations. Relationships provide us with many rewards.  

In this process, we can grow and learn and celebrate each other. We also receive support when we are experiencing a rough time. Having someone to help you through difficult circumstances can greatly impact how you handle and recover from struggles.

In an article by Northwestern Medicine, they discuss five benefits of healthy relationships. They state that having social connections can increase your longevity. We were not designed to be alone.

I go through spells where I isolate myself from time to time. It is a grave error I make because when I get back into community, the “problems” I was focused upon matter very little, AND more importantly, people may have valuable input and assistance beyond being a compassionate listening ear.

Having meaningful relationships is important no matter the phase of life we are in. When you are young, your relationships will be very different than when you are an older adult. However, they are no less important because we are all wired for connection.

When we are young friendships are easy, as we grow into adulthood, we get busy with jobs and family and it may become harder to spend time with others. As our life becomes less demanding we will have more time again for relationships. It is all part of the life cycle.

Connections help our mental health and well-being. These connections are not only with family and friends, but in groups and communities whether with colleagues, neighbors, or various groups where you are a member. 

Without meaningful relationships in our lives, we don’t experience the same levels of joy. 

Communication is key in all relationships. Good communication requires being present, listening, forgiving, and apologizing when necessary. And I think you will find it is well worth the effort! 

The first relationship you need to work on is your relationship with yourself. If you are taking care of yourself, you can be a better friend, supporter, or advocate for others. You know what they say in the safety review when you board a plane, put your oxygen mask on first before you help others.

In this previous blog post, I talk about the importance of self-care. If you don’t have a self-care routine, start small. In just 5 minutes you can do some deep breathing, play with your pet, flip through a magazine, or create a gratitude list. When you practice self-care you will have an easier time managing your important relationships and coping with life challenges.

I value the relationships I build not only in my personal life but in my professional life too. Real estate is a relationship business. Contact me,  Stephen Burchard, The Desert Bowtie Realtor, taking the (k)nots out of real estate.