The Power of Referrals

If I’ve helped you move into your dream home in the desert, chances are you heard about me from a friend. That’s because my business isn’t business-oriented – it’s people-centered. The clients I work with aren’t just transactions to me. They’re Mark and Peter who are coming to the desert after years of Seattle drizzle. They’re Joaquin and Merrill who are embracing desert views from their new house after realizing that they can telecommute to their work from anywhere. And then there’s Madame Godiva who moved here to get away from the hum-drum drag of her old life to PAR-TAY Palm Springs style!

My clients are friends who know they can rely on me and my extensive network of professionals throughout the Coachella Valley. Need a loan or help with managing your business finances? Alex and Kevin are ready to help you. Need someone to keep your house safe while you’re away? Louis is your guy. Clogged drain? Ready to redecorate? Need a dentist? Want to learn transcendental meditation? I know the people I trust to help me and am always ready to reach out so they can help you, too.

Consider me your source for referrals to all types of businesses, whether or not they are real estate related. This is especially valuable to those of you who are new to the desert, but even if you’ve lived here for years, don’t hesitate to give me a ring when you need to find someone proven and highly recommended to help you. I know lenders, legal professionals, home inspectors, financial planners, doctors, dentists, handymen, roofers, painters, HVAC specialists, house cleaners, pool services, etc. I even know people who do windows!

Many real estate agents focus on transactions. All you get is house listings and closed escrows. They look for clients and close the deal, one after another. I don’t work that way. “Thank You, Next” might make a great song for Ariana Grande, but it’s a business practice that doesn’t inspire and uplift human beings.

I want more from my life and career than just a series of heartless transactions, and I think you deserve more than being just a number to an agent. I want to get to know you. That’s the best way to ensure the best home at the best price to suit your personal needs and desires. After all, working by referral as I do, means that I have to go the extra mile to earn your future referrals. I have to know you and your expectations so I can exceed them. I have to get you so excited about our experience together that you can’t wait to tell all of your friends and family about me and the over-the-top service you’ve received!

Working by referral is all about trust and I dedicate myself to earning your trust every day. I do that through communication and reliability. I do that by letting you know what to expect at every stage and by supporting you through each and every step of the process, even after all the papers are signed and the keys are in your hands.

It’s important to me that you know how much I appreciate you. Whether it’s buying a home, selling a home, getting a business property, or just getting away from it all, I’m here to make your life a better fit for you and the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of living.

Through my monthly blogs, newsletters, and fun mailings I’ll keep you up to date with real estate news you can use, lifestyle insights, and my intimate knowledge of the activities and communities that are unique to the desert. It’s definitely not the same-old, same-old you see from other realtors. What other realtor will tell you how to make your own fizzy bath bombs and send you a recipe for bowtie cookies? Nobody. Just me.  I’m Stephen Burchard, The Desert Bowtie Realtor, taking the (k)nots out of real estate.