Do You Need A Real Estate Coach?

Do you need a Real Estate Coach? That can be a tough question, especially if you don’t know what a Real Estate Coach does. You might picture a man in a suit with a whistle around his neck, clapping his hands and yelling “You can do it!” but that’s not the whole story.

A Real Estate Coach challenges you to make the changes needed to focus your real estate goal.

Your Coach also helps you gain new skills and make the connections needed to keep you on track with your goals so you can buy or sell with confidence. You’ll vault higher over sales goals, and dodge unnecessary hurdles to success provided you’ve made the commitment to follow the advice your Coach gives you.

This can mean completely changing the way you’ve been approaching your real estate deal and taking on more effective strategies. And just like in sports, practice and persistence pay off. You have to be willing to listen to advice and apply it.  Any changes are there to help you get the best result in your real estate transaction.

Trust the professional and you can save time, save money, and sleep better at night with all your worries behind you.

A good coach can see what you’ll never see and let you know if you’re headed in the wrong direction or focusing your resources ineffectively. A good coach will recognize your abilities and build your confidence. A good coach will take your real estate transaction to its highest potential outcome.

Send me in, Coach! I’m ready!

With Stephen Burchard, you get a real estate agent AND a real estate coach all in one!

Stephen is a business leader equipped with over eighteen years of Real Estate, business, leadership, management, coaching and consulting successes. Stephen consistently demonstrates excellent communication, discretion, solid leadership, creative problem solving, and strong interpersonal and organizational abilities through his work.

Clients don’t just feel like Stephen is a partner in their purchase – they know it!

Here’s what his clients have to say:

“Stephen is more than a realtor. He’s like a best friend you have by your side watching out for your best interest at all times. He’s always doing business as if it was his own investment. He’s a protector! Thanks again Stephen for taking care of me, my family, and our community!” -R.C. from Indio

“You know when you are dealing with a pro you can count on. Stephen stays on top of his game by consistently educating himself and his clients about current housing trends and challenges. He makes sure his clients know what to expect every step of the way and you get the bonus of becoming friends. If you want to deal with a pro, hire Stephen Burchard.” -S.S., Rancho Mirage

“I am so impressed with Stephen’s knowledge of the area, his follow-through was amazing. Would do business with him again and would recommend him to my friends.” –S.VE., Palm Springs

Check out additional testimonials here. Time and time again Stephen proves he’s a consultant who’s always one step ahead.  Whether it’s buying, selling, or referring, the smart money goes with Stephen Burchard Real Estate, The Desert Bowtie Realtor, taking (k)nots out of real estate.