Time to Buy or Sell?

When is the best time to buy or sell real estate? This question has a simple answer, “Now.” Why? Because there is no long or short answer since multiple factors affect our lives, real estate, and activity seasons.

Consumers need to sell or buy when they do. Consumers are not ruled by the calendar or seasonal cycles. Circumstances usually dictate when we buy or sell. Circumstances such as moving to a new area, getting an awesome promotion or relocating for a promotion, growing families, or scaling down later in life are a few of the life events that happen when they do. We don’t usually have a great deal of “control” in these situations.

The real estate market is a dynamic environment that is affected by multiple factors. These factors can affect market conditions significantly or hardly at all. These effects can vary by city, metropolitan areas, states, or regions. Some of these factors are economics, jobs, politics, local ordinances, and state and federal laws. These are independent of season, but they can have positive or negative effects on market conditions. For instance, California has a housing shortage that has been caused in part by unfriendly regulatory environments for builders and developers.

Finally, there is no “best season” to sell. Anytime is a good time! When a consumer buys or sells, their actions are usually planned-out or some of the circumstances previously mentioned cause consumers to act. These factors usually are NOT dependent, nor affected by market seasons. Life happens, and now, one needs to sell.

Seasonally speaking, In the Coachella Valley, we used to see most real estate and business activity cease during the hotter months. The activity would dry up and businesses would go dark during the hot season. Well, we don’t see that anymore in the Coachella valley. For the past three years, more than 50% of the real estate transactions have closed between June and October. The Hottest part of the year. Wow!

So, although some times of the year see different market activity and fluctuations, when you get down to the bottom line, it’s always a good time to buy or sell.

Stephen Burchard Real Estate

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