What Ticks off Real Estate Clients

Some of this may not be a surprise and some of this might. Real Estate clients are sometimes treated like second-class citizens. This should NOT be the case. They are gold! Do a GREAT JOB and a Realtor® has an advocate for life.

I have learned along my years in the business that communication, or lack of, is one of the biggest cardinal sins of Realtors®. I think clients would rather hear from us too much rather than too little.

Another big one is showing a blatant lack of respect for the client’s time is not honoring time commitments. I learned a long time ago to honor my word and keep my commitments and IF I cannot, then pick up the phone an

Common Sense is not always so common…

d renegotiate well in advance.

These tips go way beyond real estate though. They are simply good business practices!

Here is a GREAT article from the Washington Post about this topic. Enjoy!