Overcoming Your Fear of Selling Your Home

“What if I can’t sell my property?”, “What if I can’t find another home?”. What if my sale falls through?”, “I’m afraid of the costs associated with selling”. I’ve heard them all during my many years of knocking down real estate barriers and finding people extraordinary homes at prices so good you could eat them up and you know what? With a little education and a lot of top-notch communication, I’ve sailed through every single “what if” in the book to make the selling process easier than my clients ever imagined.

I’m eager to help you sell your home at the best price possible. While some agents will aim you towards an unreasonable price to get your business, I’ll steer you safely around the deadly trap of overpricing your home. Overpricing your home is a trap that can keep your house on the market for month after month.  It sends a signal to potential buyers that you aren’t serious about selling. With my knowledge and experience about local markets, I know how to price your home so you’ll be ecstatic about both the price you’ll get for your home and the time it takes for your home to sell.

Together, we’ll look at simple changes you can make to stage your home in a way that invites buyers to imagine themselves living and loving in your home. That’s the fun part, but you know what? Getting the proper documents together for selling your home – things like past home surveys and building permits – can be fun, too, when you’re working with the right agent. I’ll help untangle any potential knots to keep the process running smoothly for you. Then once the appraisal of your home is finished, we’ll look at the current market conditions, recent home sales in your area, and your specific needs and expectations. Put them all together, add a generous dose of Bowtie experience and savvy, and voila! Outcomes your perfect listing price.

Then it’s my time to shine. Up goes the For Sale sign to show that you’re serious about selling, I enter your house into the MLS and then I pull out all my favorite Bowtie strategies to market your house online. Next, my phone starts ringing with interested buyers who want to view the property, in come the offers, and we work together to negotiate for the best possible outcome. 

Once you’ve come to an agreement with the buyer and accepted the offer, it’s time for structural and pest inspections, a survey to verify boundaries, and a title review. The buyer will also order an appraisal for their lenders. You’ll want to start packing while all the papers you’ll be signing at closing get prepared by the title company.  Once everything is settled, your buyers do a final walk-through to ensure that the condition of the house meets the expectations you agreed upon in your negotiations.

The next day, escrow closes and that’s it. Your home sale is final! But our relationship goes on. No, I won’t be moving into your new house with you, but I do want to keep in touch. I care about all of my clients and want to keep in touch. My referral contacts are vast and can come in handy whenever you’re looking for resources in your new area. 

Still worried that you won’t be able to find a new home as you sell your old one? Put that fear to bed – I can help you find a new home in the area or refer you to an ace agent in your new city. I don’t just know my market, I keep up on trends throughout the nation, so I always know what areas are hot and what areas are offering great bargains just waiting to be snapped up by YOU. 

With my commitment to excellence before, during, and after your sale, I can guide you safely past all of your “What ifs.” Contact me.

I’m Stephen Burchard, The Desert Bowtie Realtor, taking the (k)nots out of real estate.