Testimonials Real Estate and Business Consulting

What People Say about Stephen:

D.V., Trustee & Pastor, (colleague)

“Stephen is a detail-oriented manager who manages details and steps to achieving goals like a hawk! He easily stays objective while keeping a big view perspective. It is a pleasure to work with someone who is bright, sincere, and professional.”

P.D., Entrepreneur (client)

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

“Stephen is a dynamic coach who brings passion, integrity, humor and strong listening his coaching. He was my coach earlier this year, and he helped me add some very powerful people-management tools to my project management toolbox I appreciated the fact that he walks his talk and share real-life examples of successes and failures from his own life. Another noteworthy aspect of working with Stephen as your coach is his total commitment to your success.”

D.D., Change Manager, (business partner)

“Stephen coached me successfully in exploring career options, and passing certification exams. He is a patient teacher, and highly skilled at providing the gap that empowers people to take on huge challenges. I loved working with him, and would do so again at any need.”

K.T., Freelance Graphic Designer, (colleague)

“Stephen is a tremendous resource who is a great consultant and coach. While we worked together, he always kept his eye on the final goals while at the same time working with colleagues in areas that needed developing. Always looking for opportunities and coming up with ideas, equally generous and rigorous, Stephen would be a fantastic addition to any company, large or small, looking for a consultant or a coach.”

M.G., Business Owner, (colleague)

“Stephen’s clear communication and keen attention to details make him a huge asset to have on any team. I’ve had the pleasure of working in a leadership role with Stephen and was always amazed at his ability to say what needed to be said in any situation. Stephen brings a high level of integrity to any situation and is a team player who does not cut corners.”

L.O., Healer and Business Consultant, (colleague)

“Stephen is a passionate person with integrity and expertise in everything he does! Stephen is a pleasure to work with and uses his creativity to bring a fresh perspective to any situation. He is open to constructive criticism, when appropriate. I would love to work with Stephen again and hope our paths cross again one day.”