Green is the new, well um, green…

We’ve been inundated with recycling, water conservation and low environmental/carbon impact for some time now. It has begun to enter the new construction industry with energy efficient, green technology and rooftop solar being part of the construction process. Buyers entering the market are looking for these features and those buying up or down are looking for these features. They are … Read More

High-Tech upgrades

It’s a smart bet for two reasons to consider adding some “smart home” technology in with your remodeling and update plans. First, the cost of some of the techology is minor compared to a kitchen or bath remodel. For instance, a smart thermostat or wifi light switches. Second, it adds to the desired features that buyers are looking for in … Read More

Staging is Selling.

Clients often wonder about the actual need for staging with property preparation. Well, I hate to break the news to you but….wait for it… First impressions matter! My key phrase for describing staging is “lean, clean and inviting.” Staging can make all the difference in a property being listed or one that has been on the market for a bit. … Read More

HR 3700 – Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act

Good news! New legislation has made FHA certification and recertification of Condos less cumbersome and smoother. All branches of the Federal Government have signed this legislation into Law. Why is this important an important piece of legislation? Condos and specifically, FHA financing, represent a significant part of buyers entering the market or reentering the market after a Foreclosure or Bankruptcy. Currently, in … Read More

More Indicators of a Strong Recovery…

I do my best to stay on top of the Local, Regional, State and National real estate markets. This provides me valuable knowledge and insights into what is happening in Real Estate and allows me to serve my clients more effectively. The other day I shared about statistics that reflect the continuing recovery from the Great Recession. Today, I am … Read More

US Economy Continues to Show Signs of Recovery

The good news the US Economy is strong and continues to gain momentum despite the naysayers. Statistics are part of the story and the stats keep showing improvement. What does this mean? It means that the facts don’t lie. Consumer spending is one the important measures of our economy. Other good indicators are unemployment and consumer confidence. All of these … Read More