Home Shopping Smartly

There are some in the home buying process who don’t prepare themselves very well. They may have saved some for a down payment, but chances are, that is where they stop. There is much more to do to prepare for the home purchasing process to make the process go smoothly. Some include, working with a trusted Loan Officer (NOT A WEBSITE), … Read More

Smart Home Tech Wins the Day

Savvy homeowners know the value of Smart Home Technology and the efficient use of utilities and convenience these tools offer homeowners. Home Improvement stores have offered this technology for a few years now, but these appliances are now integrating with Smart Phones for mobile control of one’s home’s features. I, for one, LOVE my Nest Thermostat that synchs with my Smart Phone … Read More

Home Value Perception vs. Reality

I have some good news and some bad news. Home values are determined by the Market, not Zillow or Trulia! These are benchmarks and, unfortunately, based on inaccurate data. “Like for like” is the rule of thumb for appraisals! Some of the reasons these data sources are not accurate is because they go out 1/2 mile radius, but not necessarily … Read More

Backyard Projects for the Family

It’s a challenge to include our children, and sometimes our spouses, in our home improvement projects. The work is sometimes too dangerous and complex for them to assist us, but as we all know, THEY WANT TO HELP! Now, I KNOW you’ve been wanting come up with and to do D-I-Y home improvement projects around that home that include the … Read More

Time to Buy or Sell?

When is the best time to buy or sell real estate? This question has a simple answer, “Now.” Why? Because there is no long or short answer since multiple factors affect our lives, real estate and activity seasons.  Consumers need to sell or buy when they do. Consumers are not ruled by the calendar or seasonal cycles. Circumstances usually dictate … Read More

3 Common Mistakes Real Estate Investors Can’t Afford To Make

Check out this article outlining some common pitfalls that investors often overlook in pursuit of the green. It’s music to my ears since it speaks about the importance of RELATIONSHIPS, planning and reasonable growth. Check it out! By Than Merrill Not unlike any other business, investing in real estate requires an acute attention to detail and the utmost respect for … Read More