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I am a real estate broker with over 16 years of industry experience. I LOVE real estate and I LOVE helping people achieve their dreams.

I am Unique in that:


  • I negotiate with providers on behalf of clients in a real estate transaction to reduce client stress, resulting in a smoother, more enjoyable process.
  • I educate and “translate” industry language so clients comprehend it and understand the process more fully.
  • I communicate, step by step, and walk side by side with clients throughout the entire process. Clients are NEVER alone with me by their side.

I am the Desert Bowtie REALTOR®, taking knots out of Real Estate!

How do I do this?

-I treat the transaction as if it were my own!
-I communicate effectively.
-I prioritize effectively.
-I have a systematic approach.
-I introduce ideas that have positive results.
-I analyze problems and come up with intelligent, creative solutions.
-I motivate people and resources to ge the job done well.

You will not be alone – I will be there for you!

Let me put my Experience, Knowledge, and Professionalism to work for you and your referrals.