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Celebrate Mother’s Day Every Day

Stephen's Garden | April 2021

In May things are about to get hot here in the desert, so go enjoy the outdoors! Remember the fun of your April planting spree? Now it’s time to tidy up the train wreck from all that work of changing your garden plot over to new plants and prunings left behind. Reward yourself by kicking back and watching everything around you start to bud. In our garden, the grapes are exploding and the Citrus and apple tree blossoms are booming. It’s a beautiful thing to see, but as you watch this amazing new growth, keep your eyes peeled. Any bugs? Any infestation? Hop right on it so you can get right back to enjoying these wonderful warm days before it gets too toasty.

Desert Housing Report | April 2021

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Make Everyday Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day isn’t just about sending flowers and a card from afar or about making a fingerpainting of the perfect family. It’s a celebration of life, creativity, and gratitude. Mother’s Day is about being glad you’re alive and thanking the person who made that possible.

 I love my Mom and I know just how lucky and blessed I am to have that relationship. It’s something special my Mom and I celebrate every day in our hearts, even when we don’t see each other or pick up the phone and chat, but I know there are plenty of people out there who have more complicated relationships with their mothers. If that’s you - or if your mother has passed on - I want to ask you to look at Mother’s Day in a new light as a day to nurture yourself and celebrate your creativity.

 In May we can all be honorary mothers, regardless of our gender, or childbearing status. Why not? Maybe you’re not Dr. Frankenstein, but you have brought something to life, whether it’s a song, a play, the perfect Café Mocha, a busted motor or a city zoning ordinance. Think about it. What have you brought to life? What wouldn’t exist without you? Maybe it’s something less tangible - an idea, an outlook, an attitude? It doesn’t have to be something that lasts forever. It can be as momentary and wonderful as a good laugh among friends.

 No matter what you come up with, it's something that needed you in order to exist and that is definitely something worth celebrating with breakfast in bed and a bouquet of flowers!

Kevin Rotenberry, CPA and Padgett Business Services

Were your taxes a mess this April? Let May give you a new beginning. Your business is your livelihood, so why not focus on what you do best and leave the paperwork to a team of dedicated professionals who want your business to succeed as much as you do? Kevin Rotenberry and Padgett Business Services are here to do just that.  They specialize in small owner-operated businesses in the service and retail industries. They’re ready to help you with:
  • Small business consulting
  • Complete payroll services
  • Tax preparation
  • Tax consulting
  • Government compliance
  • Planning for the future
With your accounting, bookkeeping, and tax planning and preparation tasks under expert control, you can rest easy and focus your energies on taking your business to the next level. Located in Palm Springs, Kevin Rotenberry and Padgett Business Services can be reached at 760-322-8704. It’s the perfect way to put some spring in your step!

Luxury Desert Picnics

Let’s celebrate something! Desert Luxury Picnics makes it easy to celebrate your special moments with absolutely gorgeous and completely Instagram-able settings that make full use of the desert splendor around us. Their romantic cuddle teepee makes me want to plan a pop-up proposal picnic and I’m already married! Hmm… maybe I can surprise my honey with a special anniversary or birthday celebration instead.

 While most of their offerings are for two people and range from $125 to $250 for a 2-hour picnic, there’s always the ability to add on more. The food is light fare to enhance the mood - a charcuterie platter for midday and evening picnics and a fruit plate and playful donut holes for breakfast picnics. Luxury Desert Picnics is happy to serve all areas of our desert. Recently they staged a bachelorette picnic for ten in Palm Springs. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram to book your own special moment or call 707-450-6146 for more information.

Kittyland Cat and Kitten Rescue

 Nothing says motherhood like a momma cat carrying her kittens to safety. Kittyland Cat and Kitten Rescue are like momma cats carrying all abandoned and neglected cats in the desert to the sanctuary. Kittyland is a special place where kittens and cats are nurtured with compassion in a safe environment, and where senior, disabled and unwanted cats are valued and can live out their lives in dignity and peace.  They have “on the spot” adoptions at their physical location in Desert Hot Springs (67600 18th Ave, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241) and at PetSmart in Palm Springs. Their adoption personnel will ask a list of pertinent questions, then if she feels comfortable with the answers you will be offered an adoption form to complete with a follow-up form and an adoption contract. Kittyland’s agreement with all adopters is that they are always there to help you after adoption and can be contacted on the telephone for help and/or advice. As a volunteer-based, 501c3 non-profit organization, the lockdowns of Covid-19 have impacted their fundraising activities, but more impactful was the loss of two of their long-time volunteers to the pandemic. To donate, go to and click on the donate button in the upper right-hand corner. The bottom of the homepage also has links to wishlists for those ready to donate tangible items. If you have spare time and would like to volunteer as an adoption agent, a kitty cuddler, a foster parent, a cage cleaner, or an event helper, click here. If you have any questions, reach out to Kittyland at (760) 251-2700 or

Make your Own Breakfast in Bed
(or Laptop in Bed) Tray

Who doesn’t want breakfast in bed? It’s not just for Mother’s Day anymore, it’s for everyone! With gratitude to @thedailyDIYer on YouTube, here’s how to make your own simple bed tray. To see the process in action, check out

 You’ll need:
  • 2 simple wooden dowel-style rolling pins from Dollar Tree
  • Piece of 1” x 12” lumber 
  • Brad nailer (or hammer and nails)
  • Wood glue
  • Wood stain or paint
  • Minwax Polycrylic clear matte protective finish
  • Paint Brushes
  • Tape measurer
  • Pencil
Directions: Using a miter saw or hand saw, cut your 12” rolling pins in half, so each one becomes two 6” legs for your bed table. Cut your piece of 1” x 12” lumber to 20” (or longer if you want a bigger tray) for the top of the bed tray (the home improvement store where you buy your lumber can cut it to length for you as well). Sand all the pieces. 80 grit sandpaper is recommended. Using wood glue, attach the large end of a leg to each corner of the tray top. Let the glue dry before flipping the tray over. Flip tray over and use a brad nailer to place three brads into the top above each leg to firmly secure the leg. No brad nailer? Use hammer and nails instead. Stain or paint your bed tray, letting it dry overnight. Seal with Minwax Polycrylic clear matte protective finish. Be sure to seal the bottoms of the legs as well. Let dry and bring on the french toast!
Make Your Own Tray

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