Fast Energy Efficiency Tips

Sassy, smart and simple! That’s my guide for blog posts. I dislike going to a blog post and seeing it is a LONG articlePalm Springs Cathedral City Real Estate that takes up valuable time to read. In my book, the shorter the blog post, the more likely I (or others) will read it!

So, with that being said, I LOVE the attached article because it breaks down very easy steps we can take to become more energy efficient. Some of these are “no nonsense” but some are not, however, they warrant being repeated.

  1. Insulation is “numero uno”
  2. Heating/Cooling
    1. Ceiling fans
    2. 4 x 4 rule
  3. Clean air filters & vents
  4. Energy efficient appliances
  5. Small actions add up

Check out the full article:

Ask the Expert: What Should Homeowners Know about Energy Efficiency?