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Relationships win the day!

I am awestruck at the power of relationships and relatedness. This is the BEST way to build a business and enlist support from others. Without a strong relationship of mutual trust and respect, others are unwilling to help unless they are coerced, manipulated or “paid” in some form or fashion. Giving and receiving for the pure joy of it is … Read More

HomeSmart in the News (aka, I Have to Brag…)

I’ve been saying it since I joined HomeSmart that HomeSmart has cutting edge Technology that ultimately benefits clients and makes agents work easier and more professional. This is why I confidently stand my my statement, “I make Real Estate Fun and Easy!” Furthermore, Three HomeSmart franchises were ranked on RISMedia’s 2016 Power Broker Report for their success in 2015: HomeSmart Phoenix/Denver/Palm Springs Don’t take … Read More

HR 3700 – Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act

Good news! New legislation has made FHA certification and recertification of Condos less cumbersome and smoother. All branches of the Federal Government have signed this legislation into Law. Why is this important an important piece of legislation? Condos and specifically, FHA financing, represent a significant part of buyers entering the market or reentering the market after a Foreclosure or Bankruptcy. Currently, in … Read More

Real Estate Recovery Continues

Despite what the naysayers and economy “doom and gloom” predictors are telling us, the housing market continues to climb out of the deep hole left by the great recession. There are fewer bank owned and short-sale properties on the market and recovery in key metropolitan areas continue to stabilize and grow. This is awesome news for homeowners and prospective buyers. … Read More

More Indicators of a Strong Recovery…

I do my best to stay on top of the Local, Regional, State and National real estate markets. This provides me valuable knowledge and insights into what is happening in Real Estate and allows me to serve my clients more effectively. The other day I shared about statistics that reflect the continuing recovery from the Great Recession. Today, I am … Read More

US Economy Continues to Show Signs of Recovery

The good news the US Economy is strong and continues to gain momentum despite the naysayers. Statistics are part of the story and the stats keep showing improvement. What does this mean? It means that the facts don’t lie. Consumer spending is one the important measures of our economy. Other good indicators are unemployment and consumer confidence. All of these … Read More

First Time Home Buyers on the Rise!

GREAT news! First time home buyers are on the rise. The April stats are in and the numbers look good! This is awesome news for those of us that appreciate and enjoy working with First-Time buyers! Check out the full article at:

Home-Buying Season Is Booming

Great news! The stats are in and the Home-Buying season is off to a great start! Check out this great article from RIS Media with all the facts and figures. I trust this means we are in for a strong year for real estate value escalation as well as number of transactions. Awesome! First Look: Home Buying Season Is Already … Read More

Home Purchase Sentiment Increased

Awesome news! The market continues to climb back from the great recession. This is evidenced by growth in major Cities nationwide and by the mortgage industry indicators and statistics. One of these “markers” is the Fannie Mae Home Purchase Sentiment Index. This is one of the US Government departments that deal with housing. Check out the full article I have … Read More