Time to Buy or Sell?

When is the best time to buy or sell real estate? This question has a simple answer, “Now.” Why? Because there is no long or short answer since multiple factors affect our lives, real estate and activity seasons. 

Consumers need to sell or buy when they do. Consumers are not ruled by the calendar or seasonal cycles. Circumstances usually dictate when we buy or sell. Circumstances such as moving to a new area, getting an awesome promotion or relocating for a promotion, growing families, or scaling down later in life are a few of the life events that happen when they do. We don’t usually have a great deal of “control” in these situations.

The real estate market is a dynamic environment that is affected by multiple factors. These factors can affect market conditions significantly or hardly at all. These effects can vary by

cities, metropolitan areas, states or regions. Some of these factors are economics, jobs, politics, local ordinances, and state and federal laws. These are independent of season, but they can have positive or negative affects on market conditions. For instance, California has a housing shortage that has been caused in part by unfriendly regulatory environments for builders and developers.

Finally, there is no “best season” to sell. Anytime is a good time! When a consumer buys or sells, their actions are usually planned out or some of the circumstances previously mentioned cause consumers to act. These factors usually are NOT dependent, nor affected by market seasons. Life happens, and now, one needs to sell.

Seasonally speaking, In the Coachella Valley we used to see most real estate and business activity cease during the hotter months. Activity would dry up and businesses would go dark during the hot season. Well, we don’t see that anymore in the Coachella valley. For the past three years, more than 50% of the real estate transactions have closed between June and October. The Hottest part of the year. Wow!

Palm Springs Cathedral City Real Estate

So, although some times of the year see different market activity and fluctuations, when you get down to the bottom-line, it’s always a good time to buy or sell. 

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The Desert Bowtie Realtor, taking knots out of Real Estate

Millennial Myths

We’ve heard a lot of Millennial bashing over the last decade or so. We’ve heard everything from “they’re lazy” and “have no values”, among other myths. I use the word myth consciously here, because without DATA to back up the facts, they are just that.

So, the news I share today is that they are myths after all.

Millennials are no different than previous generations, and in some cases, exceed previous generations. Unfortunately, millennials have been stereotyped as a generation that lacks savings or money management skills. But recent data isn’t backing that up.

A recent article in REALTOR Mag, published by National Association of Realtors, reports that 16% of millennials age 23 – 37 have saved $100,000 or more.

Check out the full article and sources:

Millennials are saving more you think

MLS Search

Eek, I’m having a party! What to do, what to do…

How many of you have that feeling when it comes time to have a party? I know I do!

Having a simple easy to follow checklist of things to do and achieve help me get my head and tasks organized around party planning and execution. This checklist is geared to the holidays but can be used universally. How about that?!

I recently sent this document out to my database and social media platforms and received rave comments about it’s value and usefulness. So, I decided to create a blog post around it.


Home improvements and ROI

It’s a challenge to go through a home improvement due to the work, dust and costs. It can be a daunting process, however, we usually do this because we want a nicer space and to improve the value of our homes. How do we know which ones produce the biggest bang for our buck?

Here’s a great article from RIS Media on the subject:

5 Types of Additions and How They Add Value

Common Mistakes Buyers Make on Offers

Buyers sometimes unwittingly make simple mistakes that significantly impact their chances of an offer being accepted or countered. Some of these mistakes are pretty obvious, others not so much.

I have jokingly coined these mistakes the “seven purchasing sins”.  They are:

  1. Dragging your feet
  2. Offering your MAX approval amount
  3. Using an obscure lender
  4. Lowballing
  5. Waiving inspection contingency
  6. Letting others sway your offer
  7. Not selling yourself (the WORST)

For the full details and more of a description of each one, see the attached link:

Common Mistakes Buyers Make



Relationships win the day!

I am awestruck at the power of relationships and relatedness. This is the BEST way to build a business and enlist support from others. Without a strong relationship of mutual trust and respect, others are unwilling to help unless they are coerced, manipulated or “paid” in some form or fashion. Giving and receiving for the pure joy of it is much more enjoyable, rewarding and enduring.

Thank you friends, family and business associates for the past 26 months of amazing experiences and fun. I look forward to what the future holds!


Backyard Projects for the Family

It’s a challenge to include our children, and sometimes our spouses, in our home improvement projects. The work is sometimes too dangerous and complex for them to assist us, but as we all know, THEY WANT TO HELP!

Now, I KNOW you’ve been wanting come up with and to do D-I-Y home improvement projects around that home that include the whole family.  This is a great way to build community, create a fun livable backyard that is useful to adults and children and teach our children about work and the pride that comes with a well completed project.

Here are 6 great projects to start you out:

6 DIY Backyard Projects from Lighting to Fire Pits

Millennials and Real Estate – Good news!

Millennials have received a bad rap and are unfortunately stereotyped as creative, hyper connected, lazy, narcissistic and living with the parents with minimal aspirations or goals. While this may be the case for some Millennials, it can not be generalized for all of them.

Regarding real estate, this is NOT the case. Like most consumers today, we use our mobile platforms to do our research and find homes, however, it stops there with most buyers and, interesting enough, with Millennials.

Check out the attached article from RIS Media:

Millennials Are All About the Online Experience—Except in Real Estate