The Point About Points

You’ve probably heard about “points” when it comes to real estate and mortgages, but do you really know what they are?  What is the point about points, anyway? Simply said, the point about points is to reduce the overall payment on your real estate purchase.  Everybody loves a sale, right?  What moves you to rush to the store or click … Read More

Your Backyard, Your Personality

Your yard is the mullet of landscaping: Business up front and party in the back. It’s true. The front yard is all about curb appeal. Nothing too crazy, nothing too wild, just clean simple lines that will attract buyers when it’s time to sell. The backyard, though…that’s where you get to shine your personality on every square foot! If your … Read More

The Four “E’s” of Escrow

Unless you’re in banking or real estate, there’s a good chance the word “escrow” doesn’t have a whole lot of meaning for you. You know it’s this thing that happens when you…do I smell cookies? Yes, that’s it. Escrow. That thing that lasts for about a month, but doesn’t capture your attention for very long. Until now. You see, I’m … Read More